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The Turning Book Trailer

Posted on February 28th, by rivernorthfiction in Behind the Books. 3 comments

Just 32 days until the release of Davis Bunn’s new book, The Turning! Be sure to watch the trailer below:

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1XXU6sRnwo”]

Michele Forrider, our Audience Development Manager, was part of the creation of this trailer, and gave us some behind-the-scenes insights on what goes into the making of a video like this.

What was most fun about making the trailer?

Getting to work on the concept with our videographer and brainstorm the best ways to communicate the story without giving too much away. Not only is it fun to talk about the concept, but on the trailer for The Turning, we were able to scope out locations & talk to different actors.   Seeing the entire thing pull together from something you envisioned in your head is really thrilling.

What were your favorite places to shoot the video?

We shot one scene in a limo and then at the top of a building here in Chicago in order to capture the skyline.  Seeing that come together was really fascinating.  We had never done anything like this before, so we weren’t sure how it would look or exactly how it would come across on film.  We love how it turned out and to us it communicated exactly what we were hoping.

What was challenging?

It’s always challenging to execute something that you’ve never done before, so you don’t always know what questions to ask.  A couple of the locations were tricky because of the lighting (or lack thereof) and weather conditions.  We had to postpone a shoot because of the intense snow and rain, but quickly shot it the next day during a time when the weather would cooperate. In one scene, we scrambled to get as many angles as we could to incorporate the sun shining through the windows as it was setting. We didn’t anticipate this being  important to the shoot until we saw it and knew we had to capture it quickly.  It turned out to look incredible in the video.

Also, it was challenging to see the first edit because we realized we hadn’t anticipated the timing.  Because of this, we had to take the footage that we had, add additional shots and images, change music and adjust the pacing.  While challenging, it taught us a great deal too!

It is also incredibly hard to make sure you are portraying the theme of the book while at the same time enticing people to want to know more. Sometimes it’s hard to do because we are so close to the project and think, “Of course someone would understand that!” We always try to get opinions from our colleagues and other readers before finalizing something.

Also, we know we are called to bring the message of Christ and encourage people to grow in their walk with the Lord, so everything we do is governed by that calling.  By representing Christ, we know that everything we do should have the highest excellence so we want to be sure that is reflected in our videos as well.  It is an incredible thing to be a part of something that could bring people to want to know more about Christ. It is humbling to be used by God in that way.  We never want the tactics that we use to distract from this mission.

Any other interesting insights?

We used a particular actor that was clearly too young for the character, but we knew we wanted to use him. A quick trip to the store solved that – powder and eyeliner added the right amount of gray to his hair and wrinkles to his face.  I must admit I was not certain it would work when we were “working” on him, but it turned out great!  With a little editing and blurring, no one could tell and he totally became the character!

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